Perhaps one of the most interesting things about taking photos around Lochend is the light that  Scotland’s seasons offer. Even snapping on our phones, we are aware of the quite amazing shore  views giving, in one picture, a perfect summing up of the Trosscahs: the Menteith Hills  (Scotland’s Fault line that divides lowland and highland Scotland) Ben Lomond and the eternally changing water and sky, all snapped from our jetty.

Every month brings a new subject: 

• January: frost and cobwebs in the field and down the nature trail. 

• February: snowdrops and mist and the most likely time for a snow dump

• March: the change in light in this month is phenomenal, it’s what heralds spring for us, and so fabulous subject matter appears, like bouncing lambs and the return of George and George the Lochend oystercatchers.

• April: for the last 4 years April has brought the best weather and although the water is still cold,  the skies can be clear blue. 

 • May: bluebells and 100’s of different greens as the leaves on the trees begin to unfurl is mind-blowing May, and also when the setting sun casts long shadows off the trees. 

 • June: the 21st is the summer solstice and we have taken pictures here without flash at  midnight. The yellow on the broom (whin) is vibrant at this time. 

• July: the water has warmed by this time and splashing around in the lake making stone  sculptures is a fine way to find action in your photography. 

 • August: Our hostas are in full bloom at this time, hoglets are being born and, outwith  pandemic shut down, the Edinburgh fringe festival is great to photograph. 

• September: this is the best time for constantly fiery sunsets and spectacular fungi.

• October: this is my favourite light to photograph the buildings at Lochend. If you get a sunny  day in October, it has the most fantastic warmth to it. 

• November: navy blue skies and horizontal rain…what’s not to love?!

• December: days are really drawing in, with it often getting dark at 3.30pm. Cosy fires, indoor family games, and some times ice on  the lake.


Paddle Boarding

PADDLE BOARDINGPaddle Boarding is currently the fastest growing area of paddle sports in the UK and it is easy to understand why. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is hugely versatile – if you are wanting a fun splash about in the water for the first time you will pick up the basic skills under our…

Nick Nairn Restaurant & Cook School

NICK NAIRN RESTAURANT, COOK SCHOOL AND SHOPWe’re very lucky to have Nick’s at Port of Menteith restaurant and shop here in the grounds of Lochend.For Lochend Chalets guests, the Nick Nairn restaurant is a great plus-point. You can have a gorgeous meal and as many drinks as you please, then simply toddle the 2-minute walk…


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