Author: Lochend Chalets

Mad May Hare

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen hares at Lochend but suddenly this year we seen lots!! This looks like a juvenile what’s lost its way! He ran frantically up and down the drive behind the chalets but found his way back to the field eventually. Beautiful beasties – if a bit mad! A former local girl, […]

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Pine Martin on our Windowsill

So there Chris is, with Pippin at our house, and scuffling noises are heard in the old water trough that we use as a planter for ferns. Ducks lay their eggs in it every year because its good bedding however we hadn’t accounted for Mr Pine Martin this year…’s what they saw!

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Snowdrops and Birdies

It’s a sure sign of spring when the snowdrops, that were planted by the folk who stayed in the caravans at Lochend over 40 years ago, start appear and when I went to the side of the tennis court to take these pictures, the wee birdies were in full song!

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