Category: Gardening

Boyhood dream!

Axel Dohmann and his family have been visiting Lochend Chalets since 1975 and although during our halceon childhood summer holidays of the 70’s and 80’s, when we made great rafts, ran table tennis tournaments, sailed and danced at many a ceilidh, Axel has been harbouring this romantic image that one day he too would be […]

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Green Pea Studio Gets Involved

The lovely Amanda Clayden from Green Pea Studio and Garden who runs brilliant workshops, produces her own seasonal flowers for arrangedments and wedding flowers and sells some very chic gifts and all a gorgeous 2 mile hike from the chalets! She came to walk around our new nature trail as she will be helping the […]

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Fungi Special

Now…unlike the nastrtium flowers I’m not even really going anywhere near these but aren’t they amazing. Since I took these photos I’ve been imagining weird wee spores all over my face, over active imagination!! Still going home to wash my face though!

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