Covid 19 Update



What’s Happening?


We have followed the Scottish and UK’s government rulings very carefully throughout and
after the latest announcement on 23rd February, we will remain closed, except for essential workers, until the end of April. We will update here every time we have new information.  Changes in rules can happen quite suddenly so PLEASE, if you’re planning
to visit Lochend, consult the updates that will effect your plans.


N. Ireland:
European countries:


What about having to cancel?


If you have to cancel due to Government restrictions imposed, because of the Corona
Virus Pandemic, we will either offer a full refund or voucher.


What are you doing to keep us safe?


In July 2020 we joined a national effort to safeguard customers visiting Self-Catering
called “Good to Go”. Here’s a summary of what that entails.


• Guest’s leave at 9am after stripping & bagging linen and opening windows before
• Houses are aired for an hour to remove any potential aerosol Covid.
• Our amazing staff arrive at 10am to their allotted house, having been texted the
night before, so it minimises face to face contact.
• House is deep cleaned and in the kitchen we use ‘Envirowise Food Safe’ antiviral
spray for all the hard surfaces. We wash every item in the kitchen.
• The staff work solo, or in a team of 2, so they can socially distance properly.
• If staff have to work between properties they must change their masks, disinfect
gloves and chalet shoes.
• This deep cleaning process takes until about 3.30/4pm.
• We then ‘fog’ each house with ‘Envirowise Multi Surface’, this adheres to the
surfaces (including soft furnishings) in around 15-20 minutes but the strong
antiviral aerosol hangs in the air for a while so we have to air again before you
Arrive at 5pm.


One of our regular customers emailed after they’re break in October and said…
“Thanks very much…we felt so safe last week and were therefore able to relax more than
we have for months.” Julie Thompson.