Fabulous Hand Made Oak Bed for Waterfront Chalet

We have customers arriving today who have a small baby and so, as all parents will know, a good nights sleep is an important factor and I happened to mention that we were thinking of replacing all the double beds in the 4 star chalets with king-sized beds. ‘That sounds good’…’leave it with me’ says I! Now with a talented husband on the payroll, in Chris Carroll, I sweet talked him into leaving his lathe for a few days and embarking apon some bed making. I gave him a rough drawing and the ball got rolling.  We have been storing some amazing oak that was felled here 16 years ago, planking it was one of the first woody-type-jobs Chris, Topher and a big scary machine did when Chris first moved here, and so here is it’s final journey in pictures.
I do hope they have good nights sleep!!

Bed on trailer
The trailer is a useful piece of machinery!
Oak bed 2
Oiled in our kitchen last night! oak bed 3
Topher and Chris assemble in Heron chalet…just in time for our new arrivals!
oak bed 4