At Lochend itself Robin Og, Rob Roy MacGregor’s brother and undoubtedly the black sheep, was holed up for a short time with a ‘woman of standing’, Jennie Kay from Balfron…whom he’d kidnapped and forcablely married and for which he was later hung!! The powerful and infamous Clan Campbell  were here and occupied the house and it’s grounds, creating a burial ground in our field in the 18th century…after their bloodiest deeds!! The Chief law officer Campbell of Queensland Australia came to visit us in the 1990’s.
Then there’s the Erskine family who owned most of this area at one point and were Commendators of Inchmaholme Island from the early 1500’s, where Mary Queen of Scot’s hid as a child and which is the resting place of Don Roberto Cunningham-Graham founder of both the labour AND Scottish National Parties. Many more of the Graham Clan are buried in the Port Kirk cemetery, next to the hotel.
Being that we are in the centre of Scotland many clans passed through but if there are any that you’d like to further investigate here are a few links to help you on your way. When we are looking at our family history, or more often, Lochend Houses family tree, Mum and Dad head to the National Records of Scotland registry house, to spend the day. It is also Visit Scotland’s year of History, Heritage and Archaeology so they have interesting leads on their website.
Lets us know if you think we can help your search!