Ice Path

After a few days of minus temperatures the weather warmed, a little, last night and this morning we woke up to see dark paths appear on the ice that has been covering the lake of last few days. When view from the top of the house these lines looked so straight, as if following direct routes that we sudden wondered could these be the marks of the causeways used by the crannog dwellers….or lay lines perhaps…but on closer inspection just cracks!! It would be fascinating to why the ice cracks in this manner though?ice crack 1
Picture taken from the top of the cracks 2
From our jetty towards the chalets, showing the ‘T-Junction’ in the ice! Leading to the ‘motorway’!

ice crack 3
Then, 10 minutes later, the snow started swirling about and covering our interesting cracks – no going on the ice now – too dangerous not knowing what’s under the snow. However if the tempreatures drop again we’ll be getting the skates looked out!
Snow kicks in