New Services Available

We have decided to run a trail, for a year, of 2 new services, which slightly contradicts our type of business, but have come to our attention through some feedback.

Kate and Geo














An ‘End of Stay Clean’, which would mean not having to think about picking up the hoover, emptying the dishwasher or even doing your final recycle…lets us do it for you and take the pressure off, a different price for each house will apply and this service will be available to you when booking, or if you have already booked and wish to use this facility, then just e-mail and we can add it on.

Similarly, for a ‘Mid Week Tidy’, a housekeeper will come in for 2 hours while you’re out and tidy round. This can include a hoover and dishes, or really whatever it is you’d like done in a 2 hour period. Extra hours can be arranged.

Costs are as follows:
Cedar cabin £25, Pine Lodge £30, “A” Chalets and Apartments £40, Coach House £60. The ‘Mid week tidy’, is flat rate of £18, which would be a 2 hour run round your chalet. If you need longer, that can be negotiated, we’re new at this and so will be super flexible this year!

We understand this isn’t for everyone and not adding extra costs is why you choose a non-serviced self-catering holiday! For others we are hoping it’ll be a bonus.