Bunty’s Offerings

Not the best photos, but these are some of the things I’ve been making the last week. I’ve set up a wee workshop at home and starting to sell pieces on Etsy but if anyone’s interested, or if you’d like to commission something in particular, just let me know!  Hope you all like it x

Calling all Lavender Ducks

A few weeks ago we found a rather lovely looking pair of ducks who were jostling for food in amongst the Mallards, after a Facebook plea, the fabulously knowledgable Andrew MacGillivray (see you in a couple of weeks!) was able to tell us that they are Lavender Calling Ducks.


Boyhood dream!

Axel Dohmann and his family have been visiting Lochend Chalets since 1975 and although during our halceon childhood summer holidays of the 70’s and 80’s, when we made great rafts, ran table tennis tournaments, sailed and danced at many a ceilidh, Axel has been harbouring this romantic image that one day he too would be chief labourer at Lochend. (more…)


After many years we are bowing out of the Green Business Tourism Scheme however we will be keeping in place all the ‘actions’ we were encouraged to do by them and all those that were natural behaviours already in place!

Biomass Build

After years of deliberation…about 10! We are committing to a small biomass district system for the bigger cabins on the shore. The building of the boiler house/pellet store came first…


Bike Trail Skills Park

Trails biking is balance, problem solving, rock climbing!! on two wheels…actually often just performed on one wheel when you start getting good but to get to that point skill’s need to be nutured and finally we can offer a place to begin in, and because Rik Allsop is such an intuitive trail builder we can offer room for growth!

Don’t think these pictures do it justice, weather wasn’t on my side, but it’s really taking shape.

These gently graded stairs have, in reality, a feel of sweeping Hollywood-come-outdoor theatre glamour! Lacks the lighting perhaps! And it might not feel like that to anyone but me!!

sweeping hollywood staircase outdoors (more…)

Terram Against The Swamp

It’s possible that there will be no surprises left after this project has been blogged to death!

However….as the yew tree was revealed, so the extent of the dogwoood root system was revealed…it’s what makes it look so Louisiana swamp! So digging some of it out, and putting root suppressing Terram down, just for under the path, means that when it grows up in summer it’ll work as a screen, I hope!

Under the yew with the terram (more…)