Spring Cleaners gone – rain set in

Our spring cleaners have gone but what an amazing job they did when they were here – so I’d just like to thank Natasha, Jakob, Nayden, Laura, Eddy, Athena, Kalene and Ken for all their hard work, willingness and cheerful attitudes which made our lives, over this very busy period, so much easier. Hope all goes well in your future travels and studies.

Jakob up a ladderMr moose gets clean
Athena gets in the cornersLaura in Bavarian room

Topher and Chris, in preparation for WIFI, trim up a few of the snow battered trees.

Toph and Chris trim treesChris and topher

Nayden sands back the picnic tables and repaints with Sadolins – several coats!

Nayden fixes picnic tables

Kalene unpicks the patio curtains, washes them, they shrink and are rehemmed!

Kalene on curtains

Kate has also been grafting hard – we’ve been taking the houses apart and she is coming along and putting them back together.

Kate wrestles the bed linenKate hanging curtain