Terms and Conditions of Booking

Terms & Conditions


We know nobody’s keen on reading terms and conditions, however  as we are still in the grips of the pandemic, they are there for an  important reason, which is to protect both you and us, so PLEASE  make yourself a cuppa and take the time to read our small print.  

We understand that some guests may find these T & C’s too  detailed but we know for the majority of guests accepting these  responsibilities will make us all safer. If you have any further  questions on our terms and conditions, please call us on  + 44 1877385268. 

We hope the ‘new normal’ (terrible phrase!) which will require each  household, and us, to socially distance, will not be too restrictive or  last too long and you will still be able to enjoy the beauty of  Lochend. Please have a look at our ‘Covid Update’ button on the  top of our home page for all the government links.  


  • Contract: When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide in the  booking form. This does not form a contract between us. A  contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently  confirmed by email or letter and a deposit or full payment is  taken. 
  • Holiday Deposit Payments: A Deposit of 20%, of the letting fee (minimum £100) per property is payable on booking. The balance is due 10 weeks before arrival. If you plan to take your holiday  within the ten weeks of your booking date, payment must be  made in full at the time of booking. 
  • Holiday Balance Payments: We accept all debit cards, credit cards (except American Express and Diners) and cheque with no fee.

If transferring monies between banks incurs charges, you are  responsible for all charges. Bank details: 

  • Security Deposits: On group and non family bookings a damage deposit is required. Anything from £250 to £500 per property will be applied. This needs to be paid 24 hours before arrival and will  be refunded 24 hours after departure, all being well. NB some  banks may hang onto these funds for 3-4 days. Please check  with your bank. 
  • Discounts: Are only available if you book direct through OUR Lochend Chalets own website.

We offer a 2 person discount of 10% however will only make up  beds accordingly. Simply book as normal but in the ‘VOUCHER  CODE’ box put “twoorless” and a 10% discount will be deducted.  The 2 person discount applies to bookings of one or two persons.  A child under 2 not needing a bed will also be allowed.  

  • Number of Persons in Your property: is limited to the number of persons on your booking form. Casual overnight guests are not permitted unless agreed in advance with the management. 
  • Additional Visitors: No additional visitors are allowed until the Scottish Government Level allows it.
  • Pets: We do not allow pets – sorry.
  • Smoking: All properties are non smoking and smokers should ensure all windows and doors are shut while smoking outside the property. 
  • Accessibility: If you have someone less able in your party, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Groups Group bookings are at our discretion but unlikely for Stag or Hen parties, or large single sex groups or groups of under 25’s. 
  • Safety: Whilst we have attempted to make Lochend Chalets as safe as possible, there are natural hazards associated with a rugged rural location such as this. Responsibility for your well  

being (and that of any of your children) lies with you. Please  maintain social distancing guidance, according to Scottish  Government. 

  • Damage, Loss and Nuisance: We reserve the right to refuse admission to any or all guests for any just reason. Similarly, we reserve the right to evict offensive persons. No refunds will be 

made. The hirer agrees to pay for any damage or loss, excluding  reasonable wear and tear, incurred during their occupation. We  reserve the right to make charges against deposits or payment  cards or to invoice for over occupancy, additional cleaning or  damages. 

  • Vehicles: Cars, vans, bicycles, trailers and their accessories and contents are left entirely at their owners’ risk. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage thereof or thereto from any  cause whatsoever. We do not permit large camper vehicles or  caravan’s on site. 
  • Games room & DVD Library: This will not be open until further notice.
  • Shared laundry facilities for Log Cabins: This will be available on a timetable and a slot can be arranged by email or phone call. Please bring your own detergents. Laundry will be disinfected  between each use. 
  • Rowing Boat: This will be available on a timetable and slot can be arranged by email or phone call. Boat will disinfected between each hire. Please bring your own lifejackets if possible. 
  • Tennis Court: Please bring your own rackets and balls. This will be open and we will run it as always…if somebody is on the court you wait until their not! 
  • Outdoor play: Open and free!
  • Nature Trail: Will work on a one way system to ensure social distancing can be maintained. We are relying on you to adhere to that.



  • We will contact every guest the day before arrival and confirm  check in procedures. You will be required to answer some health  check questions prior to your arrival, to help protect our staff and  aid community harmony. 
  • We will send you a pre-arrival email with intructions of how to do  self-check in. We will be around but once the house has been  ‘fogged’, we won’t go back inside. 

We are taking every care that your property is ready for your arrival,  and during this Covid 19 outbreak we will have additionally ‘deep  cleaned’ your property, then disinfected using ‘Envirosafe’ for both  hard and soft surfaces (different products) but both meeting the  EN1276 & EN1650 & EN14476 Standards, killing 99.9999% of  microbes. Linen, towels, tea towels and bath mats are washed at 60  degrees. Beds will all be made up for your arrival.  

Check in and check out procedures will have to change a bit. The  deep cleaning & disinfecting between guests will take longer so,  even with employing more staff, more time will be required. 


  • Arrival time is from 5.00-7.00pm. After 7pm contact us for  remote key collection. 
  • A copy of the cleaners check lists will be left for you. 

Departure: Which is at 9am. You are required to… 

  • Leave all windows open…regardless of weather!!  • Strip beds of linen and pillow and mattress protectors and fold  and place in bags provided in the house. These are then left by  the door before you depart.  
  • All of your recycling and waste MUST have been taken to the  designated waste & recycling areas before you leave. ‘No Glass’  or ‘Other Recyclables’ placed in general waste bins as Stirling 

Council will charge us for any Recyclables going to Landfill and  this charge may be passed onto you.  

  • Smoking if occupants have been smoking inside the building, or  smoking outside with windows open, we reserve the right to  make an additional charge of £100. 
  • Leave the house in clean and tidy condition. Please vacuum and  leave the bathroom, kitchen and appliances clean. Extra cleaning  fluids and disposable cloths, we suggest using 1 in each area,  will be left in your house. These disposable cloths will need to go  to the black bin at the back of your house. Extra food waste bags  and bin bags will be left in the house. Guests will be liable for any  cleaning charges incurred in the event that any property is left in  a dirty condition. We’re sorry that we cannot offer our ‘End of  Stay Cleaning Service’ at this time. 
  • In the unlikely event that the property, or its facilities, is damaged  by circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to  relocate you to another property of similar grading and size. In  the event of there being no alternative accommodation, a full  refund on your property rental will be given. 


  • If you book and there is another outbreak of Covid-19,  countrywide or in your area and you are unable to travel, we will  re schedule or refund all your money on your departure date. If  you are unable to travel because you have Covid-like  symptoms, the above will apply. We will require written  evidence. 
  • If a guest develops Covid-like symptoms during their stay, they  and the whole family/party, would be required to go home and  self isolate immediately. We will give you a pro rata refund for  the days left of your holiday. However in the unlikely event of  being unable to travel, you will be allowed to stay in the property  for the full 14 days quarantine but will be liable for all costs of  cancelled bookings. 
  • If the property you have booked is occupied by a party who  have to quarantine, we will have to cancel your booking. We will 

try to re accommodate you locally but if this is not possible we  will issue a full refund. 

We strongly advise that you take out insurance protection. Cancellation for non-Covid-19 related reasons remain the same. 

  • If you have booked and paid a deposit: We will attempt to re let the property. If we successfully re-let the property we will refund 50% of the deposit paid. This would be refunded on your departure date. If we do not re-let the property the full  amount of the deposit paid is forfeited. 
  • If you have booked and paid in full: We will attempt to re-let the property. If we successfully re-let the property, we will refund the full amount, less a £50 admin fee, on your departure date.  If we do not re-let the property the full amount paid is forfeited. 

The decision of Lochend Chalets on all claims will be final. 

If we are able to relax any of the stringent T & C’s then of course  will!