Boggy and Swampy, it's all Very Halloween

As the mist lifts off the lake this morning…

misty morning

Down on the trail is all a bit boggy and swampy!

The boggy bit part 1

The dog wood has a root system akin to mangrove swamps!

Boggy bit challenge

This is the drain off ‘sink’ for the goodie burn which is 100m to the left so the only way to go is up

yew tree

Great to see this old yew tree next to the tennis court get some breathing space

End of path at GR

Follow the bog to the mushroom!

Path from GR

Thats the back of the games room, to give you an idea of where we are, and Riks incredible knack for using what he finds means the much of the path is recycled!

Mud kitchen

And this looks like a perfect area for the MUD KITCHEN! a proper place, especially designated, for getting manky….and parents can then hose down said manky children at the bike wash 20m away – YIPPEEE!