Disney at Lochend – total twitterpation

Mr & Mrs Oyster Catcher are in residence. They choose to sit on the end of our jetty for a couple of months, either finding or protecting a nest site, and when the young are hatched, off they go to the seaside!

mr and mrs oyster catcher

The Osprey’s returned on the 19th of March – first sighting by Chris – no pictures of them yet…that requires patience and a camera always on hand (at teatime yesterday one wrestled a biggish fish out the lake, just beyond the crannog, but the cheese sauce needed stirring!) and, in the spell of warm weather, the bumble bees have been feasting and are quite easy to photograph!

busy buzzy bee

BIG news…Arnie, our ‘Guck’, has found a mate!!

arnie gets a mate

And they’ve been doing a bit of Location, Location and searching for a site to nest. 
What really confirms spring for us, is the return of our rowing boat from its winter maintenance at the fisheries. And, after the ice pushed the crannog buoy out to the shore, to the right of the Goodie water, where the Heron fishes, it’s returned to its rightful home – after Chris and Quint have blethered!

quint and chris bouy and boat