Regional Winners of the Thistle Awards Best Accommodation

To Mum and Dad Nairn, without whom there would be no Lochend Chalets, we Thank You.
And this award recognises everybody that works so hard to keep the vision alive and kicking at Lochend Chalets!
The extraordinarily patient Kate without whom we couldn’t do it, ‘The Apprentice’ aka Bunty, and this years cleaning team of Laura, Claire, Pauline, Rhu, Chloe, Maeve, Pippin, Anna, Emme, Jason, Rowan, Corrie and Charlay. Keeping us going with marketing mentoring is Sophie Pither, Andrew McDowell, Jez Lazell, Design 33, John Taylor and to VisitScotland’s Lynsey and Donald. Our ever diligent accountants Sean and the team at Wallace and Company, Maria – who started with our Dad and has stuck by us and Anne-Marie. Then the buildings themselves, which have been given longevity by reinvesting in them annually, and is only possible with the invaluable skills that Bobby Cameron, Stewart Hollington, Andy Rae bring, in all weathers, to our special place. And now we are forging ahead to the future with architect Darran Crawford.
Thanks to all for their efforts.
But to our customers, our extended family, you are what keeps Lochend alive. Thank you.
Victoria, Topher and Chris.