Curling The New Rock n' Roll

Have you been watching the curling at the Olympics? The BBC has called it the new rock and roll
I was in one of the waterside lodges fixing a DVD, the TV was showing the ladies GB team competing, Steve Cramb and others were have a right old chin wag about the Grand Match Bonspiel which last happened in 1979 at the Lake of Menteith. Looking out at the lake I felt privileged that I was actually there, although I don’t remember seeing Steve….
In 2014 the water is not as Bambi would say “stiff” but 4 years ago the ice on the lake was over 8″ thick and the likelihood of another Grand Match loomed. Sadly the Grand committee for the Grand Match were unable to carry on the Grand theme and the last Grand Match was still held in 1979. This did not stop us all having a great time. Check it out