Newsletter Photo Competition Winners

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Newsletter Photo comp winners; In first place, and coming to stay with us this Christmas, are Andy and Julie Wellings from Manchester, with this photo…

Andy wellings

We then had 4 runners up, who each got a ‘£50 off a weeks stay’ voucher and here they are…

Kath and John Ashton, High Peaks, with ‘A Healthy Snack’!

Healthy Snack - Kath Ashton

Then Julie and Gordon Steele sent this family holiday picture which we’ve called ‘Fully Active Holiday’!

Kath & John Ashtons photo

Elaine Hughes sent this in from a few years ago but we still have ‘Action Ducks’ who still behave the same way!

Elaine Hughes - Action ducks

And last, but by no means least, The McDonalds sent this picture which we’ve called ‘Crossed Oars’

McDonalds - crossed oars

Although this was their other one which was a close second!

Crossed feet on the jetty